Create a Society

Through the JCR, Christ's undergraduates can gain permission to establish a society and secure funding from our annual budget for their events and operations.


  1. Write a constitution and/or summary of fundamental aims of your society, and decide who will be in charge of running the society for the foreseeable future. You'll need to propose this to the college Dean.
  2. Think about your society's events for the rest of the calendar year and estimate the potential costs, including things such as refreshments, speaker travel expenses, and sports equipment. Detail these expenses in a budget application, which should then be discussed with the JCR Treasurer.
  3. Check the JCR Meeting Calendar to find the next Open Meeting. Submit your budget application and constitution / summary of fundamental aims to either the JCR Secretary or JCR President to be discussed at the meeting. The proposal will be voted upon, and if approved, your society will be officially established.

You can find examples of budget applications and constitutions / summaries of fundamental aims here.

For further assistance or enquiries, contact a Committee member or use the Anonymous Feedback Form.