JCR Committee

The JCR Committee is made up of a group of Christ's students who have been elected to represent the views of the undergraduate students at college and university level. The central role of the JCR Committee is to represent the interests and look after the welfare of the student body. This could include anything from running events to discussing food, accommodation or access in our meetings. Each member of the JCR committee has a specific responsibility. Find out more about each position below!



Sam Carling

Sam, our President, acts as the main undergraduate representative in College governance. He will be focusing on negotiating a reduction in yearly rent increases, heating the pool, bringing back the college punt, improving facilities in the hostels, and co-ordinating the JCR's responses to wider political issues that arise.

Vice President

Tamsin Wood

Tamsin, our Vice President, will be continuing to help with Alt Bops at Christ's and promote them at the SU's Student Council, as well as work with Miles and Immi on ensuring that the JCR website is accessible and as informative as possible.


Fergus Kirman

Fergus, our Treasurer, manages the budgets and organises funding for the over 30 Christ's clubs and societies, as well as special JCR projects. Fergus also recently launched the Free Prescription Scheme, allowing all undergraduates to get free NHS prescriptions.


Immi Sandhu

Immi, our Secretary, is hoping to reinvent our JCR social media platforms, including partaking in the construction of the new JCR website, Instagram and Facebook, send important weekly email bulletins and organise the JCR meetings throughout term. After the success of the student takeovers and tours on Instagram last year, Immi would like to continue this and open this up to members of staff and more students across year groups and subjects.

Welfare Officers

Welfare Officer

Ossie Visick

Welfare Officer

Christina and Ossie, our Welfare Officers, are aiming to diversify the plethora of welfare activities throughout term, as well as ensuring that concerns around mental health are taken seriously by College whilst providing resources to mitigate sources of stress.

Welfare Officer

Christina Lawrence

Welfare Officer

Christina and Ossie, our Welfare Officers, are aiming to diversify the plethora of welfare activities throughout term, as well as ensuring that concerns around mental health are taken seriously by College whilst providing resources to mitigate sources of stress.

Year Reps

Freshers' Reps

Vivek Bilous & Charlotte Westwood

Vivek and Charlotte, our Freps/First Year Officers, aim to make Christ's a welcoming environment for next year's Freshers, as well as host events for their year, such as college marriages, formals and a SuperBop.

Fourth Years' Officer

Oliver O'Brien

Fourth Years' Officer

Oli, our Fourth Years' Officer, is planning to run another Fourth Year pub crawl and organise for all Fourth Years to go to Grad Hall together.


Class Act Officer

Laura Goodchild

Class Act Officer

Laura, our Class Act Officer, is aiming to establish a Class Act community at Christ's, support all students who self-identify as a Class Act and make Christ's more Class Act friendly.

Ethnic Diversity Officer

Abhi Gowda

Ethnic Diversity Officer

Abhi, our Ethnic Diversity Officer, will be assisting with access work of applicants from diverse ethnic backgrounds, voicing any concerns from students regarding discrimination, celebrating various cultures through important events in collaboration with Hannah, and supporting the introduction of the prayer room in college for individuals of all faiths.

Women's Officer

Leah Almeida

Women's Officer

Leah, our Womens' Officer, will be promoting a safe space for discussion surrounding gender expression, organising informative events on issues surrounding intersectional feminism and misogyny, holding FemSoc events and socials, as well as continuing with the sustainable period product scheme.

Internationals' Officer

Tudor Serban

Internationals' Officer

Tudor, our Internationals' Officer, is planning to create more opportunities for Internationals to meet with each other during Internationals' Week and throughout term, work with College and the JCR to ensure the welfare of International students, and expand the interactions of internationals from Christ's with those from other colleges.


Access Officer

Romany Whittall

Access Officer

Romany, our Access officer, will be working with outside agencies and Cambridge-wide programmes to ensure students from non-traditional backgrounds are prepared for admission processes, make the 2022 Shadowing Scheme rewarding and enjoyable, develop the Bridging Course further for offer-holders, and support students who want to run their own Access and outreach events.

Catering & Facilities Officer

Jonathon Konig

Catering & Facilities Officer

Jonathan, our Catering and Facilities Officer, will be hoping to improve Upper Hall menu options for all dietary preferences, work with Sam to bring back the college punt, and continue introducing new gym equipment and arrange seating plans for Formal Halls in an equitable fashion.

Events Officer (Ents)

Hannah Huang

Events Officer (Ents)

Hannah, our Ents Officer, is planning on increasing the diversity of events in collaboration with Abhi, bringing back SuperBops (Bops with other colleges) and continuing to form relationships with local businesses and venues.

Green Officer

Camille McCarthy

Green Officer

Camille, our Green and Charities Officer, will be establishing a Christ's Green Committee so students are able to become directly involved with campaigns and sustainability projects, as well as campaign for JCRs and MCRs to move their banks away from those who invest heavily in fossil fuels, and switch to more ethical alternatives. On the charities side, Camille would like to reinvigorate the food bank collection and look at ways to link individuals' fundraising efforts to college charities.


Miles Watson

Hey, I'm Miles, the JCR Webmaster! I built the website you're currently looking at, and am constantly working to improve it. Please drop me an email if you find any bugs, or want to suggest a feature / improvement! Future plans included a list of societies, a better upper hall menu, and a room database. And no, that's not me in the picture ;)