Constitution & Guidelines

📜 Constitution

The JCR is guided by a Constitution which dictates the composition of the Executive Committee and the responsibilities of its officers to Christ's students. It also governs more mundane procedural matters and the nature of the relationship between the JCR and the College. Although wordy and a little dry in places, the Constitution is a crucial document which enshrines the rights of all Christ's students and ensures that the JCR Exec is held accountable for its actions. It is regularly updated and often undergoes major revisions to suit the changing needs of the Christ's student body.


📖 Standing Orders

The Standing Orders are a set of extra rules and guidelines that operate alongside to the JCR Constitution. They spell out certain things in more detail than the Constitution - like how to conduct Open Meetings, Elections and Referenda - and also give specific job descriptions of most of the Committee roles.

These rules help the JCR operate democratically, so all students can read them and appeal to the Vice President (or any of the JCR Exec) if they think something isn't being done right.


💸 Financial Conduct & Procedure

This document specifies how the JCR handles its finances. It outlines how the annual budget is made, and explains the oversight role of the "CCSU Finance Committee". Although primarily useful as a 'how-to' guide for the JCR Treasurer, it also includes technical obligations for clubs handling revenue, for example. It obliges the JCR Exec to maintain financial transparency for all students by publishing and distributing termly expenditure reports.

The JCR has to conform to this document, so it's accessible here for all students to read!


⛹ī¸ Society Funding Guidelines

Christ's JCR funds sports clubs and non-sports clubs in accordance with their integral functions. Funding requests from clubs are graded as "high priority", "medium priority", "low priority", or "refused", in an equitable and uniform way. The following guidelines specify how to grade different funding requests, and thereby create a fair overall budget.