Terms and Conditions

  • You agree that the information you provide on this form may be emailed to members of the JCR Committee (any member if you have selected "Committee", or only the ticked members if you have selected "Specific officers only").
  • You agree that the feedback you have provided is professional and unoffensive. Criticism of policies is welcome, verbal abuse or vitriol aimed at any student will result in future responses being blocked.
  • If you choose to share your email address, then it will be included alongside the form information and shared with the aforementioned Committee members.
  • If you choose to remain anonymous, then an encrypted (unreadable) form of your email address will be included in the emails, so that Committee members can use the anonymous response system to reply to your message without revealing your identity.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, the Committee may decide to access the email address attached to an anonymous form submission. Reasons for doing this may include (but are not limited to) to respond to an immediate risk of harm, or to prevent verbal abuse / vitriol. Decrypting an email in this way will trigger a notification to members of the Exec and the webmaster, to prevent abuse of this system.