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Who we are

About The JCR

The Christ's College Students Union (CCSU) is the parent body of the Christ’s College Undergraduate Society, or Junior Combination Room (JCR) and the Christ’s College Graduate Society, or Middle Combination Room (MCR). The ‘JCR’ represents the undergraduate students of Christ's College, unless they have chosen to opt out of the CCSU. The CCSU is not to be confused with CUSU (Cambridge University Students' Union) or even with The Cambridge Union (a building and society which is famous for debating!) To further confusion, the JCR is also the ‘Junior Common Room’, a room available to all undergraduates, situated in the Yusuf Hamied Centre.

The JCR Committee is made up of a group of Christ's students who have been elected to represent the views of the undergraduate students at college and university level. The JCR President, Vice-President and Treasurer also make up the CCSU committee. The central role of the JCR Committee is to represent the interests and look after the welfare of the student body. This could include anything from running events to discussing food, accommodation or access in our meetings. Each member of the JCR committee has a specific responsibility. Find out more about each position by clicking through ‘The Committee’.

The JCR committee meets once a week and also holds Open Meetings in The Buttery (college bar) to provide all undergraduates with an opportunity to put across their ideas and engage in discussion. The CCSU and The JCR have specific constitutions which formally set out the rules about membership, open meetings, elections to the committee and more.

JCR Exec

The JCR Exec is the group of elected Christ's students who represent your views at a College and University level, organise ents, promote welfare and lots more.



The JCR is guided by a Constitution which dictates the composition of the Executive Committee and the responsibilities of its officers to Christ's students. It also governs more mundane procedural matters and the nature of the relationship between the JCR and the College.

Although wordy and a little dry in places, the Constitution is a crucial document which enshrines the rights of all Christ's students and ensures that the JCR Exec is held accountable for its actions. It is regularly updated and often undergoes major revisions to suit the changing needs of the Christ's student body.

Here is the constitution in PDF format:
CCSU Constitution (revised November 2013)