Open Meetings

Undergraduate students of Christ's may attend an open meeting with the right to vote on all motions or amendments proposed during the meeting.

Open meetings typically cover topics such as:

  • the making of new societies (after the original Michaelmas deadline)
  • current issues raised by students
  • changes to the JCR Constitution
  • voting in SU elections
  • the signing of open letters

JCR Meetings

Undergraduate students of Christ's may attend JCR meetings, although they do not have the right to vote.

Council Meetings

All council members are expected to attend these meetings. Any member of the JCR may attend and can speak with permission of the Chair, though may not vote.

Business declared reserved by the Chair may only be heard by members of the Council, and the Chair shall have the power to ask other attendees to leave when such business is raised.

Exec Meetings

These are similar to Council meetings, except only Exec members (the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Welfare Officers and Secretary) are expected to attend.

Meeting Minutes

You can access the minutes for all meetings here.

Easter Term