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Our LGBTQ+ community at Christ's is wonderful and welcoming!

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Some fun things we have done

  • LGBT+ Book Club
  • Flag raising ceremony for LGBT+ history month
  • Trips to Glitterbomb
  • Guest speakers about LGBT+ history
  • LGBTea
  • LGBT+ film nights
  • LGBT+ sex education workshop
  • Attending Cambridge Pride
  • If you have any suggestions of events that you would like to put on please contact the LGBT+ Officer!


Our Plans for 2020-21

  • Include LGBT+ issues in Christ’s tutor training
  • Publicise the Gender Expression Fund more widely
  • Continue to hold LGBT+ events online and, if possible, in person to maintain a sense of community
  • Raise the LGBT+ flag for the majority of Pride Month
  • Any suggestions that you may have!


Gender Expression Fund

Christ’s JCR provides a Gender Expression fund (currently at £150 per year) for trans, non-binary, questioning, and gender nonconforming students to purchase items to make them more comfortable with their gender presentation. This includes, but isn’t limited to, binders, packers, concealing underwear, and breast forms. We can also offer reimbursement to travel from Cambridge to Gender Identity Clinics.

Students make a purchase and send their receipts to the LGBT+ Officer who can reimburse them from the fund. We have a recommended maximum of £40 per student per year, but this can be adjusted on a case by case basis. Any application made is treated with the strictest confidentiality — to preserve this, the LGBT+ Officer gives anonymised receipts to the Treasurer, who reimburses the Officer. They will in turn pass on the money to the student in question. Just contact the LGBT+ Officer with any applications or questions! If you feel uncomfortable talking to the LGBT+ Officer, feel free to contact any other member of the Welfare team.

Some More Useful Links!

CUSU LGBT+ Campaign general page

CUSU LGBT+ Campaign – sexual health

Lime Tree Clinic (sexual health) – can also navigate website to see other clinics and useful info and order testing kits to your accommodation!

Order express kits for STI testing

CUSU trans inclusion guide (useful definitions, tips for good allyship, services that the university provides for trans student)

Important Dates in the LGBT+ Calendar

  • LGBT+ History Month: Feb
  • Trans Day of Visibility: 31st March
  • Asexual Day of Visibility: 8th May
  • International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia: 17th May
  • Pansexual Visibility Day: 24th May
  • Pride Month: June
  • Cambridge Pride 2021: 12th June
  • International Non-Binary Day: 14th July
  • Bisexual visibility day: 23rd September
  • International Lesbian Day: 6th Oct
  • National Coming Out Day: 11th Oct
  • Intersex Awareness Day: 26th Oct (look this up)
  • Trans Awareness Week: 13th - 19th Nov
  • Trans Day of Remembrance: 20th Nov
  • World AIDS day: 1st Dec
  • Pansexual Pride Day: 8th Dec