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Gender Expression Fund

What is the Gender Expression Fund?
Christ’s JCR now provides a Gender Expression fund (currently at £150 per year) for trans,
non-binary, questioning, and gender non-conforming students to purchase items to make
them more comfortable with their gender presentation. This includes, but isn’t limited to,
binders, packers, concealing underwear, and breast forms. We can also offer reimbursement
to travel from Cambridge to Gender Identity Clinics.

Why does it exist?
We believe that comfortable gender expression shouldn’t be financially exclusive, and by
introducing this fund, we hope to help trans students who might otherwise be discouraged
from buying these items. Christ’s should be a supportive environment, and we want to make
it a more accessible place for any students whose welfare depends on being able to
comfortably express their gender.

How does it work?
Students would make a purchase, and send their receipts to the LGBT+ Officer who can
reimburse them from the fund. The recommended maximum is £40 per student per year, but
this can be adjusted depending on the availability of funds and individuals’ circumstances.
Any application made is treated with the strictest confidentiality—to preserve this, the LGBT+
Officer will give anonymised receipts to the Treasurer, who will reimburse the Officer. They
will in turn pass on the money to the student in question.

How can you apply?
Just contact the LGBT+ Officer with any applications or questions! If you feel uncomfortable
talking to the LGBT+ Officer, feel free to contact any other member of the Welfare team.