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Our BME Officer, Eebbaa, is always here for support 

JCR Statement - June 2020

The Christ’s JCR stands in solidarity with black and other BME members of our community both within college and globally. The horrific events of the past few weeks have highlighted the systemic racism that is present within the whole of society, and the need to continue to stand up and fight back. It is also a really trying and difficult time for so many black students, and we want to support you as well as we can.


As JCR officers, we want to encourage everyone in college to engage in more open conversations about race (especially within a Cambridge context), as we believe it is a social obligation of everyone, not just the black community, to help dismantle systemic racism. Here are some resources for both black and non-black students which you may find useful: 





If you want to stand with us in anti-racism, we greatly encourage active participation and engagement through all of the means listed above. As a student body, we must stand together to make college as inclusive a space as possible. We believe that we are lucky to have such a strong sense of community in Christ’s, where most of us can say that we know others in college well and have developed meaningful bonds with one another. We hope that Christ’s is a place where everyone can be met with complete acceptance and love. Though most of us are physically apart, we wish to strive for complete unity and especially wish to extend support to black students in Christ’s at this time, who are of course, deeply valued as part of the Christ’s JCR community. Please reach out to any of us in the committee for support if you wish to do so, and remember that you aren’t fighting this alone.