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The Christ’s College Undergraduate Society, or Junior Combination Room (JCR) holds weekly committee meetings to discuss ongoing matters in college, such as events, food, accommodation and access. The meetings are documented by the Secretary (usually the Vice-President) and the unreserved minutes are published here.


Open meetings provide an opportunity for all undergraduates to put across their ideas and engage in discussion. The JCR committee will arrange at least two Open Meetings in the Michaelmas and Lent terms and at least one in the Easter term. The Secretary (or another member of the committee) will take minutes in these meetings, which are published here.


The aim of the Welfare Committee is to ensure the wellbeing and promote the interests of all racial, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual, disabled, and academic groups at Christ’s College, and to defend the equal rights of such groups against all forms of institutional and personal discrimination. The representatives in this group are co-opted by the JCR committee. The Welfare Committee meets at least three times a term. The appointed Secretary (usually the JCR President) keeps minutes in these meetings, which can be found here.


Link to Minutes