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International Students


We have always been proud of how diverse our college is.

Over a third of the incoming year hails from outside the UK, making us easily one of the most international colleges in the University of Cambridge! For this reason, it is very important to our college that there is due attention given to the interests of the young, brilliant minds who come from all over the world.

As JCR Internationals Officer, it is my job to represent your voices in the JCR committee and make sure the international community is happy while at Christ’s! Throughout the year, there will be plenty of socials and formals on college as well as around the University, thanks to the many national and cultural groups at Cambridge. The International Cambridge University Students Union (iCUSU) also hosts its own Freshers Week, as well as events such as an annual food festival and a world cup football tournament.

christs international format

(Christ’s International Formal, 30 October 2017)

To stay tuned about all international events and updates, please join our Facebook group! and don’t hesitate to contact me at

Helpful links for international students:

The University's International Student Portal provides information and support specifically for students who come from outside the UK to study at Cambridge. The International Student team is responsible for ensuring that all Cambridge Colleges and the University comply with the general immigration sponsorship duties and specific duties under Tier 4. From the portal, you can access the following information:

The portal also hosts some very useful checklists for

  • Things to consider/do before applying to Cambridge
  • Applying for your Tier 4 visa
  • Things to consider/do before arriving in Cambridge
  • Protecting your immigration status

Registration for International Students.

Foreign nationals from listed countries are required to register with the Visitors Registration Department at Parkside Police Station in Cambridge. If your visa states 'register with the police', this should be done within seven working days of arrival in the United Kingdom. For further information please check the University's information regarding Police Registration.

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) promotes and protects the needs of international students in the UK.


British Council

Working with partners in the UK, the British Council helps to share British expertise and talent with over 100 countries worldwide.


information for current students:

Storage for Category A and B rooms are to be kept in your storage rooms during Lent and Easter vacations but not during the long holiday, where all students must keep any belongings in bags and boxes in the attic of Blyth building in Third Court.


All bags and boxes must be tagged, or else they will be removed. These tags must be obtained from the Porters’ Lodge. You can also ask the porters for a key for a ‘bay’, or locker, in which you can store your belongings - although these fill up very quickly, so make sure you go well before term ends!

Recently, the Tutorial Office and I have spoken about storing long-vacation items in the College storage rooms on a case-by-case basis, so do let the Tutorial Office know if you have extenuating circumstances, and hopefully you will not need to make the hike to Blyth if you live quite far from Blyth, for example in Z staircase.


For offer holders:

Before you even step into college, you will receive letters from myself and your international sibling, a second- or third-year international like yourself, welcoming you to the college. When do you arrive, there will be an international freshers’ week - last year, we had a wild scavenger hunt across Cambridge, afternoon tea with cupcakes, Netflix over pizza, tours of the city, and dinner with your sibling group as well as with freshers from five other colleges.


We understand that there is a lot to do when you get here! Our welcome pack and presentation day will help with that, but briefly – you will need to register with the GP (doctor), obtain your BRP card if you are from outside the EU, register with the police (check requirements in links below), and sort out your Tier 4 visa details with College. Until then, you can check out the links below for further information!