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Cambridgen RAG

cambridge rag


Hi, I am Joe, this year's Christ's representative for Cambridge RAG. RAG puts on some of the biggest events in Cambridge, which give students an opportunity to have loads of fun AND to raise money for some fantastic causes. There are loads of ways you can get involved with RAG. The bigger events are advertised all over Cambridge and attract hundreds of people: last year, more than 2000 people were involved in RAG blind date, and in November, 76 people hitchtiked their way back from Nuneaton (with some getting helicopter rides along the way) as part of Lost! There are also weekly Raids, where you can take to the street with a collecting bucket (and fancy dress, if you like) to collect for charity. You can also win prizes for Christ’s! Finally, if you want to get more involved in RAG, then you can become a college representative (some colleges have 5 or more!). The main commitment is advertising RAG events within college but you can also organise charity events within college. You can find more details about any of these on the website: or get in touch with me (jh795) if you have any questions!