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Caterina QC

Caterina QC

Caterina QC


Hi, my name is Cat, I am a second year economics student and I am your Ents Officer!

My job is to organise fun events for you around college and create as many new and exciting ones for you to all enjoy as possible, as well as building on the very successful ones that have already taken place.

My main and most exciting job is to organise the college bops which happen at the start and end of term. This involves decorating the function room and coming up with new themes for each of them and ensuring you have as memorable a night as possible! Due to the biannual May Ball taking place this May Week I will only be organising four bops so I will focus as much of my energy as I can to involve all the students in choosing the theme, and making them as original as they can be.

Events are one of the most important aspects of college life as they give everyone a chance to let their hair down, relax, and forget about the stresses of Cambridge life. They are also essential for mixing with as many students as possible and hence making college an even happier place to live.

If you have any suggestions for any events in college, feel free to contact me at See you all soon!