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Ellie McAleese

Ellie McAleese

Ellie McAleese

Female Welfare & Gender Equalities


My name is Ellie McAleese and I am a second year phys natsci. My role is to look after the welfare and happiness of everyone here in college. I am here to give support when it is needed as well as point students in the right direction for further support. I am very good at making tea, so if you are ever in need of a listening ear and a cuppa, give me a shout. From issues from everyday work stress, to matters of mental, physical and sexual health I am always here to listen and give a helping hand.

Arthur and I will also be in charge of running the university wide welfare campaigns in Christ's, holding talks and discussions on a huge range of welfare issues. We oversee the welfare committee, consisting of mental health, sexual health, interfaith, LGBT+, internationals, BME, male, female, and freshers' representatives, which makes sure that there is someone representing all of the students' interests. We also liaise with college as the voice of student welfare.

If you ever want to talk to me, feel free to put a note in my pidge (labelled McAleese-Park!!), send me a facebook message, an email or just come up to me (I am often in upper hall in the evenings). No problem is too big or too small to discuss with Arthur or myself.