The Christ's College Students Union (CCSU) is the body charged with representing both the undergraduate and graduate students of Christ's College, unless they have chosen to opt out. Rather confusingly the CCSU is often referred to as the JCR (Junior Combination Room), the name used for undergraduate (Junior) members of college. The naming of the college student unions 'JCR' is a tradition that runs at a number of Collegiate Universities, including Durham and the other place.

CCSU is not to be confused with CUSU (Cambridge University Students' Union) or even with The Cambridge Union (a building and society which is famous for debating!)

The JCR Exec (which could also be called the CCSU Exec), is a group of Christ's students who have been elected to represent the students' views at a college and university level. Further problems are caused because this JCR Exec is often referred to simply as 'The JCR'. This group's central role is to represent the interests of the student body and look after its welfare - everything from running events to talking about rents. The JCR also do other, more administrative things, such as running this website! Each member has a specific responsibility. Find out more about each position by selecting 'JCR Exec' from the left.

The JCR Exec meets once a week, and also holds Open Meetings in The Buttery (college bar) for everyone to get their views across. CCSU has a constitution, which formally sets out the rules about membership, open meetings, elections for the Exec, etc. In these pages you can read the constitution and find out more about this year's Exec.

Finally, to add to the confusion, the JCR is also the "common room" available to all undergradutes, in the Yusuf Hamied Centre!