Internationals - Pao Maneepairoj


Email: intl (

Hi there!

I’m Pao Maneepairoj, a first-year land economist from Bangkok, Thailand.

As Internationals Officer, my job is to ensure that each and every international student enjoys and makes the most of his/her time at Christ’s. I realise that the transition to university in a foreign country - and to Cambridge especially - is often difficult and overwhelming, and I will do my best to make sure you will always feel at home away from home: welcome, supported, and understood. The JCR, the international community, and I will be there for you when you are homesick, confused, freezing, or craving food from back home. Expect to see me courting international applicants, setting up fun trips and socials, and - for current offer holders reading - at the Great Gate ready to help you move into the best college in town!

Send over any questions, problems, confessions, compliments, suggestions (anonymous or not) to or contact me at

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